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Garden Tools and Sprayers for Your Landscape


For the Serious Gardener and Landscape Pro !

True Friends Garden Tools logo

Quality forged tools to manicure your Yard & Garden !

Border Shears 1-37 by True Friends Garden Tools Border shears 1-37 by True Friends Garden Tools

Professional landscape maintenance tool!

Ergonomically designed to give you the optimum cutting angle, causing less strain. Wooden handled border shear, 9" straight edge vertical blades, hot drop forged steel, hollow ground, features the patented locking, tension adjusting bolt assembly. Lacquered wooden handles.

Length Total 37 inches
Weight 4.5 lbs
Shipped via UPS


Border Shears 1-4 by True Friends Garden Tools Border shears 1-4 by True Friends Garden Tools

Ideal for Professional Landscaping and Weekend Gardening projects.

The back saving, easy going, garden landscape border shear, 8" straight edge blades vertically mounted. Long light metal handles with rubberized grips. Hot dropped forged steel, a true temper process for optimum hardness will ensure cutting edge durability. Straight edge cutting length 8".

Length Total 37.5 inches
Weight 2.8 lbs
Shipped via UPS


Trimming Shears 1932 by True Friends Garden Tools Trimming shears 1932 by True Friends Garden Tools
Specially hardened blades. Beveled knife edge design. Ergonomic handle design. XYLAN coated blades. Convenient one-handed closure. Popular with nursery growers during production when cleaning plant material before shipment. Excellent landscape pruning shears !

length    10"

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