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Garden Tools and Sprayers for Your Landscape


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Infinately adjustable Telescoping Poles !

Stay Safe !
Prune Specimens and Fruit Trees from the ground.

Telescoping pole 2012 by True Friends Garden Tools Telescoping pole 2012 by True Friends Garden Tools
Telescopic handle, light metal 5' - 10' telescoping pole

Length Total 5'-10'
Weight 2.75 lbs


Tree Pruner / Pole Pruner 2045 by True Friends Garden Tools Tree pruners / Pole pruners 2045 by True Friends Garden Tools
Professional Tree pruner / Pole Pruner with telescoping fiberglass pole. Heavy Duty cast aluminum head with chain drive cutter assembly, cuts limbs to 1 1/2". 12" tree saw with surgical saw tooth design. A fiberglass extension Pole locks into place with a twist. Pole is indefinitely adjustable from 6' to 12'.

Overall Length 6' to 12'
Weight 5.0 lbs.


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